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Guided Tours

Informative and entertaining guided tours have a long tradition at the APX. They offer many and varied opportunities to learn more about life in Roman times.

Excavation team unearthing a Roman foundation wall under the eyes of a group of visitors.

Tour guides accompany you through Roman history.

View of the Harbour temple with visitors.

Guided tours of the Park provide an entertaining and at the same informative survey of the Roman city. The one-hour guided tour encompasses all the most important buildings in the Park.

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Group of visitors at a canopied excavation site during a guided tour.

A guided tour of current excavations in the Park shows just what is still concealed in the ground: the remains of a Roman city. The tour guide also explains the methods used by the archaeologists to uncover the Roman city.

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A latern shines at night in the dark of the APX

A night-time tour of the Roman city's "dark sides": illuminated by Roman lamps, the Park reveals its more mysterious side. These night tours take place after sunset from September to March.

The night-time tour can be booked for groups of 15 to 25 people. The tour takes one hour and costs EUR 9.50 per person. Guided tours for groups are available at any time, provided that the tour is booked at least 14 days earlier through our Service Hotline.

Individual visitors can join the one-hour night tour every second Friday of the month for EUR 9.50 per person. Since the number of participants is limited, you should register for the tour through our Service Hotline at least 14 days earlier. After this, tickets can only be purchased at the entrance, subject to availability.

Dates for individual visitors: please see the German page.

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Part of a roman wall-painting

Effective immediately, the LVR-RömerMuseum provides detailed guided tours on specific topics. This offer is aimed particularly at teachers, who appreciate finding stimulating links between the ancient world and their school subjects. These need not always be Latin or history - you will be surprised!

These tours last 90 minutes and cost € 50 (except for “Counting and Calculating”: 60 minutes, € 33). The number of participants is limited to 15 people per group.

Drawing and painting

Ancient artists, their tools and motifs are presented on this tour. Illustrative pieces are the grave stone of a painter, paint pots with pigments in them and also wall paintings found in Xanten.

A supplement to art classes, for children over 10.

Ointments and Scented Oils

This deals essentially with the chemical processes involved in the production of ointments, perfumes and paints.

A supplement to chemistry classes, for children over 12.

Modest, loyal and loving - Women in Antiquity

Humble and submissive - that is what a Roman wished his wife to be. During this tour of the life of the Roman woman, you learn whether this wish was always fulfilled.

It is addressed to all adults who are interested in the subject, and is also suitable for students over 12.

Latin in the museum - traces of a language

This special tour focuses on the many aspects of the Latin language and culture. Starting with famous authors such as Caesar and Tacitus, the common thread leads to the inscriptions on tombstones and consecration stones.

The guide is intended for anyone interested in Latin, even if they are not so familiar with the language.

Counting and Calculating

This special guided tour focuses on Roman numerals and Roman mathematics and offers ample opportunity to try things out personally.

It is particularly suitable for children between the ages of 9 and 14, as well as for adults. Cost: EUR 33

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Two rag dolls

Come into the museum with Rufus and Avilela. It takes a long time to wake Rufus up. But once you've managed it he hardly stops talking. Rufus is our little Roman museum guide. Avilela is his Germanic friend with the red dress. These two glove puppets know their way round in the museum, because they live here. Avilela and Rufus show children how the Romans wrote and spoke and what still remains of the life of the times after 2,000 years.

The tour is suitable for children of 4-6, who are visiting a museum for the first time.

45 minutes, maximum 10 children, EUR 24. Two accompanying adults free.

Two tours can take place at the same time. In exceptional cases, one extra child costs EUR 2.40.

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Guide explaining a Roman gravestone.

In August 2008, the new LVR-RömerMuseum in the Archaeological Park Xanten opened its doors. A fascinating tour of the Roman centuries in a spectacular building is awaiting you. Of course all textes are given in English, too.

Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you will meet the first legionnaires who arrived at the Rhine shortly before Christ's birth, experience the dramatic impact of the civil war in Rome on the Lower Rhine region and witness the rise and fall of the Roman city Colonia Ulpia Traiana. More than 2,500 original finds from the Colonia and the legions' camps illustrate Roman life in Germania.

A maximum of 15 persons can participate in a tour of the LVR-RömerMuseum. Due to the large number of exhibits in the new exhibition, the trying on of Roman clothes is no longer part of the standard tour. If you have a special interest in this subject, you can book an extra half-hour course on Roman clothes (additional cost: EUR 17).

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Remains of the Large Roman Baths under the protective building of glass and steel.

The baths are well worth visiting, for nowhere else in Xanten are the remains of ancient buildings so well preserved. Even the protective building conveys an impression of Roman architecture. The guided tour provides an insight into the building practice, the water supply and the systems used to heat the baths.

Town Baths

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Close-up of the roof edge in the patio of the Roman Hostel.

Every weekend from May to September we offer open guided tours without prior booking in the Archaeological Park at 2.30 p.m.

In the LVR-RömerMuseum we all-the-year offer open guided tours Saturdays at 12 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Sundays at 12 a.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Cost: EUR 2 apiece.

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Children exploring a reconstructed Roman carriage.

Archaeologists offer a very special guided tour in the LVR-RömerMuseum every first Sunday of the month. This tour is an ideal opportunity for visitors to discover new aspects and also to see familiar aspects from a new point of view. The Sunday tour is included in the normal admission price.

Sunday tours

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A boring guided tour can ruin an entire vacation day …

Our tour guides are fully aware of this and therefore make every effort to avoid this pitfall. They are trained to adjust to the needs of all the various groups. More than 8,000 guided tours per year confirm the excellent reputation of our tours.

Please book your guided tour in advance through our Service Hotline. Do not hesitate to voice your special requests; our colleagues on the Service Hotline are fully familiar with all the possibilities available and have a direct link to the tour guides.

Standard guided tours (max. 15 people)

Excavation tours (max. 15 people)

Audio-Guide (tape recording)

All prices are charged in addition to the normal admission price. Guided tours are also available in English, French, Dutch and Hungarian (without surcharge). A sign language interpreter can be hired for visitors with limited hearing.

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Roman actors.


The city lives!

A whole variety of events and activities let the APX pulsate with life. Discover the Roman world and collect your own interesting insights into the everyday life of this former Roman city. more

Girl making a fibula of silver wire.

Hands-on Courses

With your own hands

Watching is good, but joining in is better. Mint your own coins or don ancient garments. In the APX, old and young people can join in and enjoy the hands-on courses to their heart's content. more

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