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Hands-on Courses

Joining in is much better than simply standing there watching, and that applies not only for children. All visitors can actively take part in the hands-on courses offered in the APX.

A group of pupils dressed in roman costumes outside the LVR-RömerMuseum

"Legionary Assignments" at the LVR-RömerMuseum.

A girl dresses in a roman costume.

People are what they wear – even in antiquity. The course provides an opportunity to dress up in genuine Roman attire and is equally suitable for children of all ages and for adults. Cost: EUR 33.

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A group of pupils sitting around a table

Even the Romans had a passion for games. You are welcome to try out some of the best Roman games in the APX. The course is equally suitable for children of all ages and for adults. Cost: EUR 33

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The hands of pupils holding roman coins made of wax.

Participants in this course can mint their own wax coins to take home as a souvenir. The course is particularly suitable for children between the ages of 8 and 12, although many adults also enjoy it. Cost: EUR 33 plus EUR 2 for materials per person.

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Two girls writing on roman wooden tablets

The Romans used to write on small wooden tablets covered with a layer of wax. Participants in this hands-on course produce their own writing tablet on which to engrave a message with a stylus. The course is for children between the ages of 6 and 12 in particular. Cost: EUR 33 plus EUR 2 for materials per person.

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Hands of pupils making roman fibulas.

A fibula is a kind of safety pin which was used in antiquity to keep garments closed and also served as an ornament. The participants in this course make their own fibula of silver wire. The course is intended for children over the age of 10 and for adults. Cost: EUR 33 plus EUR 2 for materials per person.

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A boy is gem carving.

In this course, glass nuggets are engraved with cutters to produce small stones known as gems which were used to seal letters and documents. The course is designed for adolescents and adults. Working with the tools is too difficult for children under 12. Cost: EUR 33 plus EUR 2 for materials per person.

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A guide and some pupils at the APX.

Touching exhibits in museums is normally prohibited. In this course the participants can pick up genuine Roman findings and examine them. An interesting experience for children over the age of 10 and for adults. Cost: EUR 33

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Girls dressed in roman costumes.

Enterprising boys and girls can learn about life in the Legion from recruitment to dismissal. After a short introduction, the children find out about the career of a Roman soldier, hands on. Dressed in a tunic and cingulum, the soldier's belt, the children have a career with the Legion.

The program is aimed at children aged 7 to 12. Cost EUR 50. Length: 90 minutes

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Two girls are writing on a roman brass tablet.

A shiny brass tablet (tabula ansata) gives every up-and-coming young Roman a name. Using simple means, children can customize their own inscriptions and take the result home.

The program is aimed at children over 10. Cost: EUR 33 plus EUR 2 for material per child

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Two pupils are working on roman medals.

Courageous soldiers in the Roman army could be awarded various medals. The children make their own medals from round badges covered in metal foil, with their chosen motifs and designs.

This program is aimed at children between 7 and 12. Cost: EUR 33 plus EUR 2 per child for materials.

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Children in roman costumes in front of the LVR-RömerMuseum

Even back in Roman times, they celebrated birthdays and invited their friends and relations round. Of course, to celebrate a birthday in Roman style you need the right clothing. Once the birthday child has put on his white tunic, the whole group embarks on a tour full of fascinating stories about Roman birthdays.

Also included is a choice of hands-on activities. At the end of the party, there is a surprise present for the birthday child.

For children from 6 to 12, or for adults on request. Cost: EUR 120 (including birthday gift). Length: 150 minutes

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School classes and adults can choose from a large range of programmes and courses in the APX. The classic courses devoted to Roman clothing and Roman games focus on the community spirit. Others are more creative in nature and allow the participants to make something with their own hands. The hands-on courses are limited to a maximum of 15 participants. Larger groups will be divided up.

The hands-on courses are led by specially trained supervisors. The courses last one hour and must be booked in advance. Prices apply in addition to the normal admission. A small surcharge will be charged if courses are booked for a weekend. The meeting point is at the box-office to the Park or the RömerMuseum. We will gladly help you to draw up a programme for your visit to the APX.

Please book the guided tours in advance through our Service Hotline. Do not hesitate to voice your special requests; our colleagues on the Service Hotline are fully familiar with all the possibilities available and have a direct link to the tour guides.

The courses are also available in English, Dutch, French and Hungarian. A sign language interpreter can be hired for visitors with impaired hearing.

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