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Students & Practicals

Practicals in the APX offer students insight into the work of archaeologists.

A group of students.

Students of archaeology can gain practical experience in the APX.

The International Archaeological Summer Academy Xanten was set up by the APX to cater to the strong demand for excavation practicals. Every year, the Summer Academy is attended by thirty archaeology students from many European countries. It provides the students with an opportunity to learn the art of archaeological excavation.

Two students at the excavation site. Student with a shovel at the excavation site. Close-up of a water tub used to clean pieces of Roman pottery with brushes. Student emptying a basket of removed soil into a wheelbarrow. Student examining a find through binoculars. Three sieves filled with soil lying in the grass. Two students working on the excavation site. Four students are sitting around a table. A couple of students are standing around a table.

The students participate in the day-to-day excavation work for four weeks – from digging to drawing up precise plans. Summer Academy students have been working on a housing district of the Colonia since 1998. Their excavations uncovered the remains of Roman houses and a workshop.

Closing date for applications is May 4th 2018.

Please send your application via mail to:

LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten

The APX offers a limited number of practicals in the fields of excavation, restoration, museum and museum education. We are glad to provide young people with a chance to get to know our work. Unfortunately, the demand for practicals far outstrips our possibilities.

Contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in a practical at the APX. Your application should be sent to us by surface mail with the relevant documents concerning your training and education, as well as the areas of main interest to you. Preference will be given to applicants seeking a practical lasting two or more weeks.

Your application should be addressed to:

LVR-Archäologischer Park Xanten

Good luck!

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